• Be aligned with UAE leadership objectives: Future Police Technology UAE shares the following objectives; 1. The Prevention and reduction of crime rates 2. Detection of crimes and the arrest of criminals 3. Readiness to deal with crises and disasters effectively 4. To control the roads security.
  • Support Improvement in Police Force Capability: The objective of the event is to support improvement, share innovation and to help overcome challenges being faced
  • Learn from International Case Study examples:  International police forces who have implemented technology solutions to improve case resolution and to identify potential threats
  • Benchmark your hardware, software and data integration capability to identify potential optimisation opportunities
  • Stay up to date with the most modern and effective police technology
  • Network with peers to share effectively implemented strategies and develop new skills during our panel discussion and workshop sessions
  • Experience the interactive format: This event will be a two-day conference and workshop program dedicated to addressing the current and future challenges of police forces in the UAE.