About Future Police Technology 2016

Future Police Technology UAE is a specialized conference about future technologies that may be used by the UAE police to improve national security, detect crimes, solve cases, protect assets and improve public safety. This industry enhancing event will provide an opportunity for national police forces to gain insight from international expertise, cooperate, collaborate and share best practice to ensure national security.

This event will bring together police specialists and security experts to discuss how a safe, prosperous and secure nation may continue to grow and develop through use of cutting-edge technologies and analysis. Future Police Technology UAE will support the achievement of national economic development objectives and ensure a stable and well balanced nation.

Future Police Technology UAE will support delivery of each Emirates ‘A Safe City Project’ and the UAE Vision 2021. This event supports the UAE’s National Agenda aims with the objective of the UAE becoming the safest place in the world.

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Excellent Opportunities for the Police Technology Sector

  • Dubai Police have invested DH 291.5 million in 6 new smart police stations with the latest advanced technology.  
  • Dubai Police have created a department dedicated to smart services.
  • UAE Police forces are implementing cutting edge technology for traffic monitoring and control including robotic cameras, ShotSpotter, tablets, flying drones.
  • Abu Dhabi Police have reduced traffic accident casualties by 15%, and serious injuries by 19%, while accidents decreased by 13% in the three years between 2013 and 2015 in Abu Dhabi. These numbers were revealed by Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director General of Central Operations at Abu Dhabi Police, who confirmed the positive impact of using smart technologies and the ‘Smart Police Officer’, ‘Smart Towers’ in safety indicators.
  • Sharjah Police will invest Dh 30 million in SMART camera systems over 5 years 2014- 2018.
  • Sharjah Police have invested in eye scanners to ensure correct identification of individuals to overcome the challenge of counterfeit documentation.
  • Dubai Police have successfully used gait analysis to solve crimes to identify suspects.
  • Ras Al Khaimah Police have invested in an extensive CCTV network that includes more than 40,000 establishments. Most notably federal and local government buildings are about to be cast under the watchful eye of CCTV cameras 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • RTA Dubai will invest in extending the ability of the Traffic Systems Control room and SCADA project by investing in a network of cameras and smart technology for monitoring traffic to include telecommunication systems, solar power panels, and movement remote sensors in addition to mobile and virtual messaging sensors which will be deployed to improve communication with road users.
  • Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) have developed a cyber security monitoring portal for all government organisations to help detect unusual activity of potential cyber threats to IT infrastructure.
  • Abu Dhabi police have developed and invested in an LED early warning system to alert drivers in foggy or poor visibility conditions.
  • Abu Dhabi GD for Security Affairs and Ports have invested in the Shoeprint Image Capture and Retrieval Database (SICAR) project for use by the crime scene investigation teams.
  • Dubai Police have invested in cutting-edge search and rescue equipment including robotic underwater mini rovers and sonar detection devices to improve response time for emergency situations.
  • Ras Al Khaimah police have invested in an e-portal system to improve case management and operational efficiency
  • Abu Dhabi Police is utilising cutting-edge 3D imaging technologies in their crime scene, forensic investigation departments to support crime scene documentation.


Reasons to Attend

  • Be aligned with UAE leadership objectives: Future Police Technology UAE shares the following objectives; 1. The Prevention and reduction of crime rates 2. Detection of crimes and the arrest of criminals 3. Readiness to deal with crises and disasters effectively 4. To control the roads security.
  • Support Improvement in Police Force Capability: The objective of the event is to support improvement, share innovation and to help overcome challenges being faced
  • Learn from International Case Study examples:  International police forces who have implemented technology solutions to improve case resolution and to identify potential threats
  • Benchmark your hardware, software and data integration capability to identify potential optimisation opportunities
  • Stay up to date with the most modern and effective police technology
  • Network with peers to share effectively implemented strategies and develop new skills during our panel discussion and workshop sessions
  • Experience the interactive format: This event will be a two-day conference and workshop program dedicated to addressing the current and future challenges of police forces in the UAE.


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